Public Housing

SHA has 245 Public Housing townhomes (2 story units with stairs) and homes throughout the Salem area.

Who is eligible?

Public housing is limited to households at or below the 80% income limit (see the chart below). The Public Housing Admissions and Continuing Occupancy Policy (ACOP) contains all eligibility information, including criminal history criteria (beginning on page 56) and how income is calculated.


Occupancy Requirements

Security Deposit: $350
Pet Deposit: $300
(Pets are subject to approval.)

Tenant-Paid Utilities: Electricity (PGE or Salem Electric), Gas (Northwest Natural Gas), and Water/Sewer (City of Salem). Scattered site homes additionally pay for garbage collection. Clients must be able to transfer utility services in their name. If you owe money, balances must be paid in full prior to lease signing.

SHA Public Housing units are 2, 3, 4, and 5 bedrooms. Households must also meet Occupancy Standards:

Waiting List Applications

PH map with text.png

There is one waiting list for all 6 of the townhome complexes (see map to the right). There is one waiting list for all 87 of the scattered site homes. Units are offered in order of vacancy at time of eligibility determination.

Remember to keep your address updated with SHA once you have submitted a waiting list application. You will be contacted by mail when your name comes to the top of the waiting list.

The estimated wait time for a unit is 12-18 months for 3 bedroom units and 2 - 4 years for 4 and 5 bedroom units.

The Public Housing waiting lists are maintained by bedroom size. Waiting list applications are available by the links below.

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Equal Housing Opportunity & Accessible Housing Opportunity

Equal Housing Opportunity &
Accessible Housing Opportunity