Since 1994, 400 graduates have received more than $900,000 in Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) escrow savings. This voluntary program is offered to Salem Housing Authority Public Housing and Section 8 voucher participants.

How does this work?
FSS is a five-year program. At your first appointment, you and your FSS Coordinator will set goals and plan on how to accomplish them over the next five years.

With the FSS Program, as your income increases, your rent will increase, too. SHA will place a portion of that rent increase into an escrow savings account. When you have successfully completed your goals, you will receive the balance of your escrow savings account. The majority of participants use this paired with a VIDA to purchase a home or move into unsubsidized housing. Interested in learning more about the resources of the program, check out the SHARP newsletter below.

FREE Programs

  • VIDA Program: Would you like to save for a house? Education? Vehicle? This program will match $3 to every $1 you save! Contact Angela Parada at 503-588-6442 for more information and to sign up!

  • Ready to Rent: Do you have evictions? Low credit score? Poor rental references? This program will assist you in learning how to be a successful tenant. All participants who complete all 9 hours of classroom time will receive a certificate of completion. Many landlords will take this certificate in lieu of negative history or low credit and provide second chance housing. Free one-on-one rental counseling is also available for "Ready to Rent" Graduates. Contact Patricia Wagner at 503-588-6455 or click here for more information and to sign up!