All security deposit funds are allocated at this time. SHA is no longer accepting applications for the security deposit program.






Security Deposit Assistance Program

Security Deposit assistance is available to very low income households on a first-come, first-served basis.

What to know before requesting an appointment

  • You will need to meet with SHA staff in person for an intake appointment.
  • The unit you want to move into must pass a Housing Quality Standards inspection.
  • You must not already be living in the unit for which you are requesting assistance.
  • The unit must be in the Salem or Keizer city limits. Click here for a map.
  • Processing time to receive the security deposit assistance is estimated to be 2 weeks.
  • Your household must pay a minimum of $50 per month toward rent and utilities.
  • Security deposit assistance is limited to the amount equal to 1 month of rent.
  • Your household's GROSS annual income must be under the Section 8 income limit:
2017 income limits S8 website.PNG
  • Before coming to the appointment, you will need to arrange to pick up or receive an application packet, and it must be filled out completely by the appointment time.