Salem Housing Authority Awarded $150,000 Grant to Support Largest ‘Housing First’ Program in Oregon

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Salem, OR - Salem Housing Authority (SHA) was awarded a $150,000 grant by the Meyer Memorial Trust Foundation. The grant supports the Homeless Rental Assistance Program (HRAP) by funding a full-time Service Coordinator Case Manager for two years. The Service Coordinator will coordinate community service providers to help meet the diverse needs of the chronically homeless. This coordination is fundamental to achieving positive outcomes for homeless individuals by connecting them to available programs, resources and social services.

Launched in July 2017, HRAP is one of the City of Salem’s key strategies to reduce the number of chronically homeless individuals in Salem. With a goal to house 100 of the “hardest to house” homeless individuals in its first year, the Homeless Rental Assistance Program is the largest “Housing First” program in Oregon. The program combines rental assistance, intensive case management services and funding to reduce other barriers to client success.

The HRAP population faces significant cases of untreated mental illness, addiction disorders, and chronic health conditions worsened by lengthy periods of homelessness. These complex needs, along with pre-existing barriers to housing, such as criminal history, evictions, and poor rental history, all contribute to a uniquely challenging set of problems for the HRAP client. The Service Coordinator Case Manager will be responsible for weaving together the wraparound network of clinical, treatment and supportive services to empower the homeless client to establish and maintain long term housing stability.

Andy Wilch, SHA’s Housing Administrator, said, “We are thrilled to receive funding from Meyer Memorial Trust Foundation to fund this position. Their funding allows us to add capacity to the program to help our homeless clients become stably housed.”

To learn more about the Homeless Rental Assistance Program, please refer to or contact Andy Wilch, 503-587-4819.

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