Mod Rehab Program

The Moderate Rehabilitation Program (Mod Rehab) provides project-based rental assistance for low income households. Salem Housing Authority has entered into agreements with private property owners that offer rehabilitated rental units in the Salem-Keizer area.  We refer eligible housing applicants to these properties when there are vacancies.  One property is a 10-unit apartment complex with 1, 2 & 3 bedroom units located on Appleblossom NE in Salem.  Tenant rent is based on monthly income as determined by program guidelines,  minus an allowance for utilities the tenant is responsible to pay. There is approximately a 3-4 year wait time for this program. This wait time may change depending on several factors.

This program uses the Section 8 income limit. To qualify for this program, your gross household income must be at or less than the limit as follows.

More information about the Mod Rehab program is available on the HUD website.

Waiting List Applications

The Mod Rehab waiting list application is available below. It is important to keep all contact information updated with SHA while you are on the waiting list.

 Equal Housing Opportunity & Accessible Housing Opportunity

Equal Housing Opportunity & Accessible Housing Opportunity